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If you want an optimized LinkedIn profile that improves your chances of getting noticed by recruiters then keep on reading:

There are a couple things to consider when determining the best way to improve your chances of success on LinkedIn:

1. There are many companies that offer to help you either improve or write your LinkedIn profile (do a quick Google search). The problem is these services can cost hundreds of dollars, which is a large price to pay for something that no one can guarantee will get you an interview.

2. How many companies have people that started on LinkedIn as an average user and gained their knowledge and experience over 10+ years? I can tell with 100% certainty I know of one company (this one).


  • $99 for Complete Profile Optimization

  • Draft Template written within 5 business days

  • You'll be contacted with additional questions after your work experience has been reviewed to fully optimize your profile.

  • If you're not completely satisfied with the draft template additional revisions can be made after discussing your concerns

  • Please attach a current resume with your request by emailing it to:

powell.hamner@linkedin-success.com ​

​     For privacy reasons, please remove your address and phone number from your resume.